CForward is a nonpartisan, 501c4 advocacy organization that champions the economic role of the nonprofit sector and supports candidates who include the sector in their plans to strengthen the economy.

The goals of CForward are:

  • To champion the economic contributions of the nonprofit sector.
  • To educate candidates about the economic contributions of the nonprofit sector.
  • To support candidates who provide detailed plans for how they would partner with nonprofits, social enterprise businesses and micro-credit programs to create jobs and strengthen the economy.
  • To help nonprofit employees, volunteers, clients and supporters use their rights as private citizens to:
    1. Educate candidates about the economic role that nonprofits play in every community,
    2. Distribute information about candidates who include nonprofits in their platform, and
    3. Work in concert with other private citizens to provide financial support and help elect candidates who have a clear plan to partner with nonprofits to strengthen the economy of the city, state and the country.